GEA Connect Underground Construction Procedure

When fiber lines are underground, crews will bore to connect our fiber from one point to another. Boring allows our crews to make this connection in hopes of causing minimal damage to the existing surrounding landscape and obstacles on the ground between the two points. 

Our crews will bore the same path as our electrical lines to install our fiber optic cable. During this process, our crews will be boring GREEN conduit (pipe) and then pulling fiber cable through the conduit to have a point to point connection to our customers.

After a pathway is established, the fiber will meet in a vault which is placed in the ground by crews. The vault serves as housing and protection for the fiber. These vaults are easily accessible for splicing crews once the time comes to drop/pull fiber to your home or business.

Our crews will be taking the utmost care to ensure that we avoid any disruption to your property. We want our customers to have the best experience possible during and beyond our construction, so our crews take every possible precaution and proactive measure to ensure minimal disruptions on your property, such as calling to locate any utility lines on your property. These include public utility lines for water, electric, communications, and broadband services.

What can you expect during your drop construction?

After you have signed up for Greeneville Energy Authority fiber services, our drop service partner, Premier, will be preparing for and performing your drop construction. During your drop installation, crews will be visiting your property to connect the fiber communications line to the outside of your home or business. During drop construction, crews will in most cases follow the existing path of electricity on your property when constructing the connection from the mainline fiber to the outside of your home or business.

We’ll need your help identifying any unforeseen issues that could prevent us from completing the job.

If any of these apply to your property, please notify us right away by calling: 423-636-6200 so that we can better coordinate our visit:

  • - Private Utility Lines (this includes any kind of electric, water, sewer, etc that you may have buried on your property)
  • - Buried landscaping lighting
  • - Invisible pet fencing
  • - Sprinkler and/or irrigation systems
  • - Locked gates or fencing that would prevent access to your property


Please note: Greeneville Energy Authority relies on other providers to cooperate with us when locating underground lines. At times, other providers will not locate their lines before our construction, which may unfortunately result in lines being temporarily disrupted. Please know that we intend to complete our construction with no disruptions to you and your neighbors — if you have any concerns throughout our construction, please contact us at 423-636-6200 - or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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